Props and Weapons policy

No live steel. This includes any object made of metal that could hold an edge, regardless of whether it is sharp or remains sheathed.

No firearms, including toys and props.

No explosives of any kind.

Fake or prop weaponry is fine. These can be made of tissue paper, plaster, cardboard, plastic, wood, etc. as long as they pose no danger to you and other convention attendees. *Please note that the exception to the rule with wood props is baseball bats – all baseball bats must be prop baseball bats, made of foam or like materials.*

Bows and arrows are permitted so long as they are not drawn at any point.

Whips, yoyos, and other flail-approximate props are permitted as long as they are only used as a prop and not for their intended purpose.

Weapons Conduct

Any misuse of a weapon or prop will result in a warning and removal of the weapon from the convention area.

If a weapon or prop is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to remove it from the convention area or it will be taken until a time when you can remove it from the convention area.

If you are unsure if your prop/weapon is allowed, please send us an inquiry or find a volunteer at the convention.

The organizers will deal with repeat offenders accordingly, up to and including possible ejection from the convention without a refund. The appropriate authorities will be contacted for more severe infractions.

All decisions made by Empire City Con are final.