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Darling began her descent into cosplay experimenting with body paint and hasn’t stopped expanding since. She loves to advocate for respect of the fellow cosplayer, hosting panels on con etiquette and spreading positivity. Learning and growing, Darling also teaches others the perfect paint job, how to create cheaply and efficiently, or performing in fun and interactive panels! In her spare time, Darling is practicing new makeup looks and bedazzling anything within reach!


Kaitlyn, or Kaity, is a North Carolina based cosplayer. She has been cosplaying in the Charlotte area for 5 years and been in the Steven Universe Fandom since the beginning. She recently started cosplaying from Steven Universe in 2018, starting with Sapphire’s Jailbreak dress. For ECC 2020 she is hoping to bring many new Steven Universe cosplays as well as upgrade old ones!