If you’re going to be at MomoCon, you have access to a very special promotion that will give you *$10 OFF* your base and PLUS passes to Empire City Con 2019!

Step 1:Find Mayor K-K. She will be wearing Steven merch all weekend long.

kk bracken steven universe empire city con

Step 2: Take a selfie with the sticker she gives you. Post it on Instagram or Twitter or anywhere else we can see it and make sure to tag us (all @empirecitycon). If you don’t have any of those and/or you’d rather not be featured in a collage on our social media, e-mail us at empirecitycon@gmail.com

Step 3: We’ll send you a code for your special discount.

If you’ve already bought tickets or if you would like to buy a higher tier than the 3-day PLUS, the code will be good for $5 off our merchandise!

Of course, if you aren’t planning on coming to the con, you can still keep the sticker, designed by our very own Empire City Councilmember Tiara.

Special thanks to our convention consultant and press coordinator of MomoCon, Renee! You can follow her on Instagram @peachconprincess

renee empire city con steven universe wedding garnet cosplay

See you at MomoCon!