Age policy

The Sonesta Charlotte Executive Park requires rooms to be in the name of a 21+ year old.

At the time of the convention, if you are

14 and under –

  • An 18+ guardian must purchase a corresponding pass to the con and agrees to be responsible for and present with you for the duration of the event.
  • One guardian may be the chaperone for multiple minors.
  • Those in this age bracket must check in alongside their guardian. Only the guardian must present a state-issued ID upon registration.

15 to 17 –

  • A guardian must be present at the venue, but is not required to purchase a corresponding pass or attend the event itself.
  • Those in this age bracket may present a student ID instead of a state-issued ID to register
  • If you are in attendance with an 18+ guardian, they can present their ID upon registration in place of you doing so.

18 to 20 –

  • You must present a state-issued ID upon registration.
  • If you are staying at the venue you are required to have someone who is 21 or older in your hotel room.

5 and under –

  • Free with your guardian’s admission.

What is a state-issued ID?

A driver’s license or passport are the most common forms of state-issued ID. For a full list, please visit the TSA’s website.