Please reach out directly to empirecitycon@gmail.com with requests for accommodation — we’re happy to hear from you.

Getting to the con
Parking at the venue is free and self-service. The parking drop off point is right next to the entrance to the hotel, with ramp access to the property. If you’re flying in, an airport shuttle is available every hour on the hour — call the hotel desk for more information at +1 (704) 527-9650.

At registration, we have stickers available to indicate your communication preferences — putting the stickers on your badge lets other attendees know what kinds of interactions you want to have (these are modeled after ASAN’s color communication badges).

Green I want people to strike up conversations with me —
I’m actively looking for communication
Yellow I mostly just want to talk with people I recognize —
I might start some conversations, but please
don’t approach me out of the blue
RedI don’t want to talk to anyone, or I only want to talk
with the people I know —
please don’t start conversations with me.

Around the con floor
All of our programming is indoors on the ground floor, with the exception of Cosplay Mutt’s Mr. Universe Van, which will be parked in the front lot outside. There is one set of elevators located between the Carolina Ballroom and the hotel bar, along with a set of stairs.
There are couches, chairs, and benches throughout the hotel lobby and in front of the Carolina Ballroom, as well as several charging stations.

The restrooms by Registration are not separated by gender — anyone can use them. The restrooms by the Carolina Ballroom are single-gender restrooms. Everyone is invited to use the restrooms they are most comfortable with.

Quiet room
The quiet room is located next to the All Gender restrooms.

If you require accessible seating or other accommodations, let our staff know and we will do our best to meet your request! We have reserved seating in panel rooms for this purpose.