Special Guest: Grace Rolek, voice of Connie Maheswaran!

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While Grace Rolek is best known for playing Connie on Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe, she’s been a working actress since she was 5 years old. You may have heard her voice as many characters including (but not limited to) Marlene in Final Fantasy VII, Louise in Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol, and the iconic Lucy van Pelt in Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown—a role that earned Grace a 2012 Young Actor’s Award!

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SELFIE: $20 each

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For the Love of Clod

Known by their fans as “Clod”, For the Love of Clod has been crafting a unique identity as a cosplay entertainer since 2016. Their character impressions and wildly popular fan panels have propelled For the Love of Clod to the forefront of the Steven Universe cosplay scene. Clod has hosted standing-room-only events at several conventions in the southeast by crafting panels that are uniquely interactive and high-energy.

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Grace Kraft

Grace Kraft is a storyboard artist and comic author whose work includes the official Boom! Studios Steven Universe Ongoing comic series and Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls (2016). She has also contributed some of the most well-known and beloved art pieces to the Steven Universe fan community to date. Grace Kraft currently works in LA working on unannounced projects for various studios as well as creating comics and watercoloring on her own time.

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Kelly Kirstein

Kelly Kirstein’s experience spans several genres of performance, from representing the United States and placing as a semifinalist at Miss Supranational 2015 to working as an internationally published model and appearing in film and television work. Her cosplays range from Marvel Heroes to Disney Princesses, but took off with Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. Her Lapis cosplay has been featured on Cartoon Network social media pages and Tumblr Staff Picks. Outside of cosplay, Kelly enjoys taking selfies with her cat and stalking her partner on social media.

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McKenzie Atwood

McKenzie Atwood is a Georgia Tech student who has built an online following of thousands from her multimedia work in fandoms like Steven UniverseHer YouTube channel, MKatwood, and Tumblr, pearl-likes-pi, are the origin of hilarious and beloved memes such as the Pearl’s Secret Rap Career series. She is an intern with CN Games in Atlanta where she worked on games like Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack and Teeny Titans, and has begun a voice acting career. She is also the host of the official Steven Universe Podcast.

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