Special Guest: AJ Michalka, voice of Stevonnie!

AJ Michalka Beach City Con

Besides her voice acting work, AJ Michalka is an immensely talented actress, musician, and songwriter, with roles in films including Secretariat, Super 8, and The Lovely Bones. She began her acting career as a TV actress, and is currently a regular on ABC’s The Goldbergs. In addition to singing and songwriting, Ms. Michalka is an accomplished musician, playing guitar, piano, and percussion. As a member of Aly & AJ, she released two hit albums with Hollywood Records and has contributed to the soundtracks for movies like The Game Plan and Herbie Fully Loaded. She will be featured in an upcoming webseries, All My Friends are Getting Married, and feature film, And Then There Was Light. She currently resides in Los Angeles.
PHOTO OPS: $45 each online; $60 at con
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Special Guest: Kimberly Brooks, voice of Jasper!

Talented voiceover actress Kimberly Brooks voices Mom McStuffins, Doc and Donny’s doctor mom, who is always on hand to offer advice on Doc’s “diagnoses,” in Disney Junior’s animated series “Doc McStuffins.”

Brooks’ television voiceover roles include Mimi on Hanna-Barbera’s “Dexter’s Laboratory,” Allura on Netflix’s “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and Buena Girl on Warner Brothers Animations’ “Mucha Lucha.” Her additional TV credits include Warner Brothers Animation’s Scooby-Doo revival “What’s New Scooby-Doo?,” “Ozzy & Drix,” and “Static Shock;” Disney Channel’s hit animated series “Phineas and Ferb;” Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe,” “Ben 10 Ultimate Alien,” “Powerpuff Girls” and “Chowder;” and Nickelodeon’s “Winx Club,” “Shuriken School,” “Danny Phantom,” “Rugrats,” “Fairly Odd Parents” and “Bubble Guppies.”

In the world of feature film animation, Brooks’ voice was heard in the Academy Award-nominated feature films “Jimmy Neutron” and “The Wild Thornberry’s Movie,” and she received critical acclaim for her performance as Kathy Duquesne, a.k.a Batwoman, in the direct-to-video feature “Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.”

A native of Los Angeles, Brooks is a founding member and resident artist of the ground-breaking Elephant Theatre Company in Hollywood, where she both directs and performs in experimental, cutting-edge theater.

Check her out on IMDB and Twitter.
PHOTO OPS: $45 each online; $60 at con
AUTOGRAPH: $20 each
SELFIE: $15 each

McKenzie Atwood

McKenzie Atwood is a Georgia Tech student who has built an online following of thousands from her multimedia work in fandoms like Steven UniverseHer YouTube channel, MKatwood, and Tumblr, pearl-likes-pi, are the origin of hilarious and beloved memes such as the Pearl’s Secret Rap Career series. She is an intern with CN Games in Atlanta where she worked on games like Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack and Teeny Titans, and recently has begun a voice acting career.


Beach City Con Guests Grace KraftGrace Kraft
Grace Kraft is a storyboard, comic, and character artist whose work includes the official Boom! Studios Steven Universe comics and Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls (2016). She is the creator of the original webcomic Ornithia and has contributed some of the most well-known and beloved art pieces to the Steven Universe fan community to date. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and currently resides in the LA area.


Mark Oshiro
Mark Oshiro is the Hugo finalist (in the Fan Writer category) creator of the online Mark Does Stuff universe (Mark Reads and Mark Watches), where he analyzes book and television series unspoiled. He was the nonfiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction! and the co-editor of Speculative Fiction 2015 with Foz Meadows. He is the President of the Con or Bust Board of Directors. When he is not writing, crying on camera about fictional characters, or ruining lives at conventions, he is busy trying to fulfill his lifelong goal: to pet every dog in the world.